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Welcome to Hoover Alt MD!   We are an innovative type of medical practice, combining Traditional Family Medicine for the whole family with Complementary and Alternative medical therapies and practices.    What makes Alt MD truly unique is our Holistic approach to Health Care.  

At a time in our country where your health is at the center of ongoing debate, it is nice to know that you have a home at Hoover Alt MD.   The American Academy of Family Physicians advocates for a Patient-Centered Medical Home model of Primary Care, where the patient's needs and desires are carried out to the best of our efforts.   

At Hoover Alt MD, we strive to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow with the balance and feel of old- time medicine.   This incorporates the use of technology, electronic medical records, and scientifically proven therapy, with a higher level of care, listening, and compassion than most of our patients are used to receiving at their prior Healthcare experiences.   Many patients have shed tears of joy and hope in response to the difference we have made in their lives.

Please feel free to explore our website, and be sure to check out our mission, staff, and many diverse services.  Click on FAQ and Policies, to discover more about how this practice works.  You'll learn more about what makes Hoover Alt MD the place for you to establish your family's medical home.   Call now for an appointment anytime.
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Hoover Alt MD is a green company, with paperless office.   Please recycle.