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Acupuncture's Uses
(these have been scientifically proven to work)

Back pain
Pain disorders (fibromyalgia)
Smoking Cessation
Menstrual Disorders
Skin rashes
Stress reduction
Immune system booster
Mood wellbeing
Pregnancy wellbeing
    (nausea prevention)
Menopausal symptoms
Mental Focus

** We never re-use needles. All instruments are disposable.**
For centuries, the Asian cultures have used the technique of Acupuncture for many health benefits, both corrective and preventative.        

The art of placing strategic fine needles into "Acu-points", and providing stimulation to these points, is how this ancient medical form works.   Contrary to what some may think, it is non-painful.  One feels a slight pinch on insertion only, and no pain thereafter.   Also beneficial is acupressure, where the same points are used, but without needles (See Below).

Modern medicine and neurology now supports the use of Acupuncture as adjunctive therapy, or stand alone care for many problems and ailments.    An explanation for this seemingly haphazard array of needles is what is referred to as the "Gait Theory" of neurology, which holds that overstimulation of several points in the nervous system will overwhelm others (like too much traffic on the highway clogging up side roads).   When this occurs, messages communicating pain and disease cannot reach the brain, thus providing relief.
Cupping - another Asian technique of combining massage, acupuncture/pressure, and deep tissue stimulation, using suction applied to tissues   Excellent for pain disorders, or relief of tension  and stress.  

Manual Stimulation - The rotating or flicking of needles to provide extra accu-point stimulation.

Electrostimulation - The technique of applying a small current to the acupuncture needles for extra beneficial effects (creating a warm, tingling, or "bumping" sensation at the point).  Very safe.

Heat Augmentation - Use of an element heating lamp to enhance deep tissue penetration.

Acupressure - the use of stimulation to acu-points without the use of needles is practiced, and does provide results, though not as powerful as acupuncture.

Moxibustion - The art of burning incense within the cups (used with cupping) to provide suction effect.   This is not used much anymore, as there is risk of burns.   Modern cupping sets have a piston mechanism.

Incense - Provides a nice aromatherapy touch to these Eastern Arts, and can be yet another modality to add to your care, for extra relaxation and mood benefits.

Try some Acupuncture at your next wellness visit!   You'll be glad you did!