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Addiction Recovery

Part of total healing of mind, body, and spirit involves being free from addictions that keep us from our full potential. 
At Hoover Alt MD, we are pleased to be able to offer addiction recovery from a variety of medications, tobacco, drugs, and alcohol.

Admitting that you need help is an important first step in your road to recovery.  Our approach includes a combination of traditional (medication) and alternative methods.  Counseling with the doctor is provided at each visit.  At Hoover Alt MD, we will also help you overcome any psychological problems (depression and anxiety, etc.)  We recommend monthly sessions to keep our patients progressing in the right direction.  As a Family Medicine clinic, nobody needs to know the nature of your visits to Hoover Alt MD.

Pain Killers - Narcotic pain pills are a common addiction.  Whether you started out with an injury and got a prescription, or were experimenting at a party, these very addictive substances can quickly take over your life.  Another doctor may provide help with Suboxone (R), a medication that can help with withdrawal symptoms.  We will guide you toward stability, improved health and reaching your maximum potential, with counseling, and loving support. 

Tobacco - This is the most common addiction in society today.  We offer a variety of quitting methods, from nicotine replacement, medications like Chantix (R) and Zyban (R), to natural methods like acupuncture or hypnosis.  We can help you succeed, no "butts" about it!

Alcohol - Whether you consider yourself an alcoholic or not, many people drink far more than they should.  Even if you are a "functional" alcoholic, if you require daily alcoholic beverages, you have a problem.  At Hoover Alt MD, we can help.  Using medications like Antabuse (R) and Naltrexone can assist you in stepping down and (ultimately) off alcohol.

Cocaine/Xanax - There are several other medications which help reduce dependency, cravings, and withdrawal symptoms from a variety of street drugs.  Dr. Korcz and the staff at Hoover Alt MD will individualize a plan for your recovery based on your specific needs.  As always, counseling is provided monthly at each visit to ensure your progress.