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Feel better with good health, and look better with our Spa services!

Blemishes come in all varieties, and cause people to feel embarrassed, or lack self-confidence.   At Hoover Alt MD, we can help you deal with these nuisances, and get back to living well.    

Skin Tags - can be removed surgically, frozen, or with electrocautery, depending on size, location, and patient preference.

Acne Pimples ("Zits") - can be improved with facials, medications, injections, and supplements/dietary changes.   Many patients require a multi-faceted approach to dealing with Acne.

Spider Veins - Using Sclerotherapy (injections), or electrocautery can rid you of these unsightly veins.
Age spots - These are easy to remove using cryotherapy (freezing) or chemical peels.  For larger ones, surgical removal may be necessary. 

Moles - These can be surgically removed, and if needed, biopsy will be sent for suspicious or questionable moles.  (Be sure to get a total body skin inspection to screen for cancers with the doctor.)

Wrinkles - Lines and wrinkles can be dealt with in many ways.   Facials, peels, medications, and moisturizers can help a lot.   For larger and deeper lines, try Botox or a filler (Juvederm, Restylane) for dramatic results.

Scars/Keloids - We can minimize the appearance of scars with dermabrasion, certain medications, and using an injectable filler to smooth the skin surface  (great success with acne scarring).   Keloids can be injected with steroid to shrink their size, or stop their progression.

Call and ask how we can get you looking your best!