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Breast Thermography

Breast Thermography is an FDA approved technique for screening and finding breast cancers and other abnormalities.   Using a heat-detecting, specially calibrated camera, pictures are taken of the patient's breast, and read/interpreted by a radiologist, just as a mammogram.   There is no radiation involved.  The above image is that of a normal thermogram.

Thermograms are safe and easy to perform. This is ideal for those with Fibrocystic Disease, lumpy breasts, tender breast, or those with breast implants.   Simply performed in a temperature controlled room with one of our nurses, photos are taken from different angles and sent to radiology.   Better yet, thermograms are squeezing- and crushing-free, so there is no discomfort involved.   Insurance companies do not yet fully cover the procedure, but will reimburse partially.  

Dr. Korcz usually recommended screening for breast diseases annually, with alternating Mammography and Thermography.  This helps reduce your exposure to harmful radiation which Mammograms utilize.

Using the same technology, we can also use the Thermogram camera to examine joint inflammation, nerve inflammation, and other problems.   An additional copay will be collected for this exam. 

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 Example: Breast Cancer     (Red area seen on Patient's Left Breast)
 Example: Fibrocystic Disease  (Red lacy areas both side, more on Left)