Hoover Alt MD
"A different kind of practice, a deeper kind of care."

Central to Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine is the Belief that these aspects of a person's Being are intracately connected, and these connections tune us into our Health and body's Balance.

Hoover Alt MD offers a variety of Counseling and Advising/LifeCoach input.    Sometimes, we all need an objective outlook on our Life's Plan, and where we are "going" with it.   Dr. Elizabeth Korcz is not only a trained physician, and friend, but can offer spiritual guidance as well.  

In her practice, she has many times helped patients overcome obstacles in their lives with advice and direction, a few words of encouragement, or pointing them in the direction to find even more assistance from another professional.  Counseling and psychotherapy sessions are also given for such issues as mood and personality disorders, based on the cognitive-behavioral and introspective approaches to emotional wellbeing. 

Although Dr. Korcz is not a liscenced Therapist or Psychologist, she has logged much time in training with such experts, as this has been an ongoing area of interest for her.   She is talented, and has a powerful desire to help people in this way.   Please ask us about an appointment to use Dr. Korcz for counseling, as a sounding board, an outside reference and opinion, or for health and wellness advice.


Wishing you better balance in all that you do...