Hoover Alt MD
"A different kind of practice, a deeper kind of care."
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Does Hoover Alt MD take my insurance plan?
Yes, we accept many popular plans, and Dr. Korcz is a preferred provider.   Call the office for more specifics about your coverage.  You will need to pay your regular copay, and all patients will sign a waiver to allow the practice to charge extra fees as necessary, for non-covered services.

What extra Fees might I expect?
Hoover Alt MD provides many services not covered, or only partially covered by insurance plans.   We do our best to work with you and your insurance to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses, but you will likely be billed extra charges, depending on your selection of services.   

For example:  If a patient chooses acupuncture for migraine management, we may bill the insurance for an office visit based on the diagnosis, collect the copay, and the patient may still be responsible for another $30 in fees for the acupuncture service.   (Please keep in mind that most practices would take no insurance, and charge over $100 for a session.)

What if I want both Traditional and Alternative services?
This is no problem.   We encourage you to explore this site and learn more about all our Alternative, Mind-Body-Spirit, and cosmetic/Spa services.   Again, we can charge for office visits, collect typical copay, and you may have to pay some additional charges.   Keep in mind that most insurance plans do not cover weight loss management.

Can I bring my Kids to the practice?
Please bring your whole family!   Dr. Korcz is a Board Certified Family Medicine doctor, who adores caring for an entire family!  (Check out our Pediatric page, too.)  It provides such unique care opportunities, when the physician is involved with everyone in the family circle.   

Here's an example:  In treating a Man with hypertension, his wife with Depression Disorder, and their 7-yr-old child with chronic asthma, the Family Physician has the knowledge of the fact that Dad is a smoker, which is likely exacerbating the child's asthma, and his failure to quit is causing friction in the marriage, setting off the wife's depression.   This example illustrates the power of this practice model.   A pediatrician only seeing the child may not even know about these connections, and might simply increase medication.

Why does Hoover Alt MD sell Supplements and Vitamins?
As a more Holistic and Naturopathic doctor, patients are often prescribed/recommended to take nutritional supplements and Vitamins.   Dr. Korcz thought to provide convenience to the patient by offering a high-quality, Physician-Grade product that she can trust, right in the office for purchase.  This also aides in the patient getting the correct product/doses of their supplements.   

Not only will you get a superior effect from your Vitamins and Supplements you need, but you have the opportunity to further support the efforts and ministry of Hoover Alt MD.  We have competative prices, so do not hesitate to support our practice, rather than helping the local Big-Name pharmacy, Nutrition Center, or "___-Mart" get wealthier.  

How Can I support Hoover Alt MD to keep their services so unique?
Remember that only through your supporting this practice can we continue to provide such a high quality of care and services.   Without our patient's support in a variety of ways, we would have to be like every other Primary Care practice, seeing too many patients per day, and spending as little time as possible with them.

Therefore, please buy your supplements, Vitamins, and certain medications through us, and take advantage of our many Integrative and Alternative services - many of which may decrease your need for taking prescription drugs with side-effects. 

Are the Pharmacy Services really the same meds as other pharmacies?
Of course.  We carry a number of quality, low-price generic medications to treat everything from blood pressure and diabetes, to allergies and eczema.  Support our practice by buying your meds with us, and you not only get the same quality pharmaceuticals with convenience, but you also might even save money, as many of our meds are priced below your insurance company copay.

If I am a Blood Pressure patient, can I sign up for a weight loss program?
Absolutely!  We encourage this participation.   Losing weight is proven to lower blood pressure!  An existing patient will also enjoy lower costs for the weight loss programs than a patient that is only involved with our practice in this capacity.   You may be asked to come for additional visits specifically related to weight loss, and these visits may carry an extra charge on top of your usual copays for simple Blood Pressure Checks.   Often, though, we can combine these services and save you even more money!

Is Acupuncture painful?
This is a common question and fear of patients.   Contrary to what you may have thought, acupuncture is NOT painful.   There is a pinch on needle insertion, and then, the body adapts to the presence of the needle, and no pain is felt.   Often, we connect electrostimulation to acupuncture needles, creating a warm and even ticklish sensation.    Take the words of Dr. Korcz, a professed needle-phobic person, that acupuncture is not painful.  

However, if you are still fearful, or unconvinced, we can perform acupressure using the acupuncture points, but without needles.   This is, however, not as effective as needles.   Once comfortable with acupressure, we may try to progress to acupuncture. 

Does Hoover Alt MD endorse only one Faith?
No.   It is a firm belief of the practice to incorporate the PATIENT'S Faith in their healing process.   Dr. Korcz and her family is of the Judeo-Christian tradition, but never discriminates on any basis.    She will do her best to support and incorporate your faith and prayer into your treatment plan, as a support of Mind-Body-Spirit medicine, essential to true health.  (See more about our Mind-Body-Spirit services on this site.)
Can I get a Botox treatment at the same time as my Diabetes check-up?
Sure!   See more of our Spa/Cosmetic services on the web site, too.  Do remember that cosmetic services are never covered by insurance, so have your payment ready at the visit - we will not allow you to be billed later for Spa services.  You can notify the receptionist that you wish to add this service to your regular office visit.

What if I need a Primary doctor, but have a specialist for one of my issues?
We are happy to be your Medical Home, and will work with your specialist, too.  Together, we can even improve your health!    Check out all our diagnostic tests and procedures under services, too.  You may find that you don't even need to be seeing a specialist as often, or at all.