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Hormone Balancing

As we age, many of us have issues with balance of the Natural Hormones our bodies produce to regulate our health and wellbeing.   Hoover Alt MD recognizes this delicate balance, and how offsetting it can make a person feel less than their best. 

We offer a battery of Hormone testing and investigation, and practice Hormone Optimization based on the results of such testing.   The principle behind this practice is that even if your hormone falls "within normal range", it may not be normal for YOU.  We will conduct examination, and review your symptoms to find out if your body's chemistry is where it truly should be.   

Hoover Alt MD screens for and treats the following:

Thyroid Deficiency and Optimization
Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome
BioIdentical Hormone Replacement  (Men and Women)

As part of our Natural Approaches, we may recommend the use of supplements, and more natural preparations of hormones than those of National Pharmaceuticals.  These can often be found at compounding pharmacies in the area (we will refer you to them).   Your Insurance carrier may not cover all of the charges for your testing and treatment, so please be prepared to have to remit a bill for your services. 

Ask today if you can be helped by investigating your hormones further, and helping improve your quality of life.