Hoover Alt MD
"A different kind of practice, a deeper kind of care."

The Spirit is possibly the most profound and powerful of the three connected aspects of a person.   It is through a person's spirit we define who they are, and their places in our lives.  

At Hoover Alt MD, the spirits of our patients are never neglected.   We have a special place set aside for Meditation and Prayer, for each patient to commune with their Faith as they see fit.   This is a private area, and a service to those in our care.   Suggestions and themes may be proposed from time to time, but mostly, this is a unique and individual experience.    We put forth a few iconic images and notions of Judeo-Christian faith, to heighten the connection for our patients.  There is no particular fee for this service, and any patient whom utilizes any of our alternative and Mind-Body-Spirit Services has access, and is welcome.

  Faith does have a place in medicine at Hoover Alt MD.


Ready to focus your Spirit?  Do it today.