Hoover Alt MD
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Weight Loss/Fitness

Putting the Body back into balance can be one of our most difficult challenges!  
In this world, defined by imbalance, it is easy to see how quickly things go awry.

Weight Loss, the Natural Way
Using sound dietary advise, Natural vitamin supplements and/or injections, and a personal fitness goal and plan, Hoover Alt MD can help you achieve your ideal body weight.   We won't promise it will be easy, as all real changes take commitment, and perseverance, but we will be here to encourage and help you on your way!   With the help of our super-analytic scale, you can lose body fat and gain muscle mass - Dr. Korcz truly encourages the natural approach above all.   Our patient who value the mind-body-spirit connections will see the value this natural method can provide.  If you need some extra help - check out our Weight Loss Meds Program.


Fitness Services
Fitness and good health go hand-in-hand, and at Hoover Alt MD, we are committed to seeing you succeed!   In our progressive practice, we have a space set aside with some great fitness equipment, and a Personal Trainer on Staff to help you with your program.   We have classes in Arerobic, Zumba, Kickboxing, and Yoga as well!


Hoover Alt MD works with each patient, as an individual, to establish a personal fitness plan with them.   We incorporate the principles of cardiovascular, strength, and tonifying into each plan.  We use a graduated plan to not overwhelm our patients, meeting them where they currently are, and working towards goals for the future. 

Committed to getting fit?  Let's get started today, and put your plan into action!