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Weight Loss Meds/Fitness

Weight Loss in America is one of the hottest topics around!  
More than half of the population is obese, and things are only trending worse, with Fast Food and overprocessed food.  In this world, defined by imbalance, it is easy to see how quickly things go awry.

Weight Loss, with Medications 
Using weight loss medications (Appetite Suppresants), sound dietary advise, Natural vitamin and amino acid injections and/or supplements, and a personal fitness goal and plan, Hoover Alt MD can help you achieve your ideal body weight.  No cookie-cutter plans here - we customize the strategy just for you!   Dr. Korcz offers a physical and complete history and works with you from start to finish, taking you where you want to go with your weight loss.   We won't promise it will be easy, as all real changes take commitment, and perseverance, but we will be here to encourage and help you on your way!   And, it isn't as hard as you might think...   We offer popular medications such as Phentermine, Topirimate, and Buproprion to assist your weight loss efforts.

We will check your progress every step of the way, with our super-analysis scale that measures your body fat, lean mass, caloric intake, metabolic age, and more!  We ensure you are losing the right KIND of weight, and not just moving the numbers on the scale.   Fat loss, muscle gain, and body shape changes are the goal.

Want to try a more natural approach to reach your weight loss goals?   Check out our Mind-Body-Spirit medicine page, and look at Natural Weight Loss.
Fitness Services
Hoover Alt MD works with each patient, as an individual, to establish a personal fitness plan with them.   We incorporate the principles of cardiovascular, strength, and tonifying into each plan.   It is a strong belief that one is not required to join a gym, or have a rigid/regimented workout schedule.   We use a graduated plan to not overwhelm our patients, meeting them where they currently are, and working towards goals for the future. 

One barrier Dr. Korcz finds in her weight loss and fitness plans is that people often feel that they don't have time, or space, or are being "judged" at the local gym.   In our progressive practice, we have a space set aside with some great fitness equipment, that our patients can use in privacy, to get them started on their exercise plan.  Even once established, if you value this service, continue with it!


Committed to getting fit?  Let's get started today, and put your plan into action!