Hoover Alt MD
"A different kind of practice, a deeper kind of care."
Wellness/Natural Care
Hoover Alt MD is a Holistic and Naturopathic-oriented practice.  It is one of the key differences that makes us such a unique concept in today's medical field! 

Every patient is given choices on how to handle their care:   
            Some patients, when confronted with a new diagnosis of high blood pressure, simply ask for the cheapest pill they can take.  For them, a prescription generic is given and they are often happy.
            Other patients, however, are more concerned with side effects of these older meds, and want the newest and cleanest pharmaceutical products.   For them, a brand name is prescribed, possibly a combination pill, with the latest/top research.
            Still others, though, prefer not to have to take drug-type meds, and desire lifestyle changes, combined with vitamin, herbal, or nutritional supplements.      
It is to this final patient that we now speak.   Many disease states arise out of our choices and lifestyle.  Excessive weight, poor nutrition, and too much salt, for instance, can lead to high Blood Pressure.  A natural approach to correcting these problems can result in significant lowering of the pressure, and monitoring of the patient is all that is needed.  The same kind of parallel can be drawn for many conditions.

We can avoid prescription drugs.** 
Working together, we can find the right combination to give you all you need to maximize your Health and Wellness, without unwanted side effects.   Please check our other Alternative services for further adjuncts to your care that may also help avoid medications.

At Hoover Alt MD, we carry and sell a physician-grade, reliable, and tested Supplement product line, both for convenience to the patient, and to ensure each patient's "prescription" is filled correctly.   Dr. Korcz knows she can rely on the consistency and potency of these products.  We further ask that you support the practice, by purchasing your supplements through us instead of other popular pharmacies, Nutrition centers, or "___-Mart"s.  Our prices are fair and competitive.   Click here for our Supplement Guide.
Your ongoing support allows us to continue the kind of Medicine done here, and not force us to conform to the constraints of many other Primary Care practices - that are overloaded with too many patients, and too little time, and unable to give their patients the kind of care and service they deserve.

We look forward to working with you toward your HEALTH!

**(Note:  Some individuals, however, with genetic predispositions may still need a prescription drug, in combination with natural therapies.   For them, it may be a matter of 1 drug instead of 3 or 4 - still a "win".)